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Free Advertising!

I knew that would get your attention! We are going to stray a bit from a standard informational blog and ask you for your participation. We would like to know a little about you and how your season went. Along with that we would like to know a little about your farm and what makes you unique. Since we’re all in this together, it might be helpful for other owners that frequent our site to learn about who else is out there and what they are learning from the journey. We also want to provide you with a little free advertising! And please include some pictures from this season; we would love to post some photos from this year’s agritourism season!

I know you are probably in the middle of the busyness right now, but please help us out when you find a little time. We think this will provide other owners with a shot of encouragement and support. You are indeed providing a necessary service as we get people back to their roots.

Here are some of the specifics we would like to include in the coming months:

  • Send an email with the name and address of the venue. Make sure you include your web address as well.

  • Give a brief overview of your history.

  • Share a little of how your 2019 season went or is going. Maybe include a couple stories about what went well and what was difficult for you this year.

  • Include some pictures of people enjoying your venue or some scenery shots of your venue in general. (We require at least 1 photo in order to post on our site)

  • Put the words “2019 Season” on the subject line so we can get it posted on the website

Thanks for helping with this! We would like to do this until the end of the year so you can keep sending in your info and we will post these to a special page on our website.

At the end of the year we will do a drawing of all of venues that participated, and someone will win a free $50 gift card! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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