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Coming Soon - Agritourism Ideas Classifieds!

Let me use the time for this blog to fill you in on something that will be coming to our site after the new year. For the sake of a better title, we’ll call it a classified section! It will be a new area of our website devoted to getting buyers and sellers together on all items agritourism. It will be limited to items that have “previously been in circulation” that you are no longer using because you have upgraded or changed direction all together. (If you have new items or a product line that you would like to list on our website, contact us for how to get your products the highest visibility in our “resources” section.)


In the agritourism business we often have items that are unique and more difficult to sell to a smaller market. Listing in a local paper or classified section does not always work well because the market is narrow, and exposure is limited. Even online sites such as Craigslist do not provide the broad exposure. Agritourism Ideas reaches a broad market both in the US and around the world. It will provide the opportunity for buyers and sellers to link up and make a sale.

When the site is updated, there will be a page where sellers can list their items for a small fee and buyers can look and see what is available. From there, they will work together to make the sale happen and work out shipping together.

There will also be a section where we will list those items that you are looking for that are not yet listed for sale. From there, potential sellers will be able to contact us to let us know what they have to offer. These items may be specific such as concession related, cow trains, signs, cash registers etc. or they can be general such as barn beams that you need in order to create a certain affect. Agritourism Ideas will make the call as it pertains to what makes it in our classified section! It will need to be directly related to the agritourism business.

To access this area of our site there will be a small requirement! We will ask you to become a registered Agritourism Ideas user. From our end, it will allow us to keep you informed of new things that we roll out as well as updates on current blogs, podcasts and resources. On your end, it will keep you updated and give you access to benefits open to registered users. In the future there will be more new areas open to users that will include contests and other free stuff!

When you access the site to sell an item it will take you to a page that looks like this:

To list your item accurately, we would like to deal with you directly. To do that, please email us at:

We will then work together to gather Pictures, Description, Item Costs, Shipping Costs and Shipping Details. We will also create an invoice using Square that will provide a simple way for you to pay for your listing.

​Listing costs are as follows. (Each listing will include up to 3 pictures, up to 200-word description and all contact information for the seller.)

60 Day Listing with List Price 1-$100 $10 per item.

60 Day Listing with List Price $101-$1000 $25 per item.

60 Day Listing with List Price $1001-5,000 $50 per item.

60 Day Listing with List Price over $5,000 will be on Percentage Basis

​If item doesn't sell after 60 days you can renew for a reduced price for another 30 days.

If item lapses for more than 10 days, it will require a full renewal.

All the pages will provide a way for you to contact us, so we can work together to get your items listed to sell and to find! We will tweak as we go but hope to provide a great way to connect you with other owners and provide a needed service!


If you have any questions or would like to get a head start on listing your item or getting the word out on something you need, please email me at Have a great week and talk to you soon!

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