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Partnering with Local Businesses & your Community

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller. The basis of the idea of working together can make a great difference in your agritourism business, and it’s what we at Agritourism Ideas are all about – working together as an agritourism community to help each other succeed in our business ventures. Today we will be discussing different ways to work together with your local businesses and community in order to benefit both you and those with whom you enter into a partnership.


Reach out to Potential Sponsors

One great way to work together with the businesses in your community is through sponsors. We’ve touched on this point before, but it’s such an important part of building your agritourism business, that we feel that it’s worth mentioning again. Sponsors can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line, not only from a product standpoint or for the services or funds they provide, but also from the cross-promotional marketing that normally occurs. If you’re interested in more information on how to go about securing sponsorships for your agritourism business, click this link to access one of our previous blogs titled, “14 Steps to Securing Sponsorships for your Agritourism Business.”

Support Local Charities

Another way to support your community, while also building accreditation to your business, is through supporting local charities. People appreciate a business that cares about the people in their community. This could look like anything from having flyers and donation buckets available for a local cause for the public to see and contribute to; donating a small percentage of your proceeds to a local cause; or even hosting a local charity event at your venue. When you make an effort to support the people of your community who are in need, it won’t go unnoticed. People are much more likely to support a business who supports their community, as opposed to one who doesn’t. Feature/Host Local Artists and Events at your Venue

A third way to generate a larger customer base, while at the same time giving support to your community, is through opening your venue to featured events and community activities. For instance, inviting local artists to come and play live music could bring in a new crowd who might not have otherwise visited. Likewise, hosting community events such as a craft fairs, blood drives, or events alike is also a great way to bring in new visitors. These events will not only help boost your revenue, but it’s also a great way to support local artists, businesses and causes.

Enter into a Partnership with a Local Business

Entering into a partnership with local businesses can also be highly beneficial to you, as well as the local businesses in your area. During one of my active maze seasons we entered into a partnership with a local hot air balloon business. Through this partnership, every Sunday the owner of the hot air balloon company would set up a hot air balloon at our venue and give free rides during a select period of time during that day. This business relationship allowed us to bring in a higher volume of customers, while he was able to promote his hot air balloon business – it was a great, beneficial partnership for the both of us; and we encourage you to make similar business partnerships with the local businesses in your area, as well.


Together, as a community, supporting each other in our different ventures, we can do so much more than we can alone. Secure sponsorships, find different ways to support your community, get your community involved in what your venue has to offer, and make an effort to partner with local businesses; and I’m certain you will see an increase in your venue’s accreditation, customer base, revenue, and over-all customer satisfaction!

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