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"Scream and Say Cheese!" 10 Practical Tips for a Farm Photoshoot

From time to time, we highlight great blog posts and articles that are written by other professionals in the Agritourism industry. This week we are highlighting an article written by Alexis Abare and Benjamin Selecky of Haunted Farms of America.


Having a photoshoot at your venue can be a great way to generate extra revenue AND the picture they take home with them can be a great marketing tool. Another great way to get your farm into the homes of your guests.

A photoshoot is one of those things that must be done well for it to be successful. Things such as having the right background or characters, quality equipment, and the right people promoting it and running it at your facility are critical components.

Our friends over at Haunted Farms of America put together a great list of things to consider for a Haunted Farm Photoshoot. Most of these tips will apply to any photoshoot setup even if you don’t have a haunt so be sure to check out these great practical tips to see if you can improve on your photoshoot or to get you to consider adding one of your own.

Read Haunted Farms Article: Top 10 Tips for Having a Successful Photo Shoot

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