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Comparison Chart of the Top 5 Corn Maze Service Companies

Corn Maze Service

In this article we do a side-by-side comparison of the top 5 Corn Maze service companies. Corn Mazes are a great addition or centerpiece for an Agritourism Business and can play a major role in bringing in guests and revenue if done well.

These companies provide a great service and I attribute much of our early success to the fact that we enlisted the help of one of these service companies (The Maize Co.) our very first year. They can really shorten the learning curve for those just starting out in Agritourism and the networking and information sharing that occurs with other members can be invaluable. If you are considering adding a maze to your venue – you should consider reaching out to these service companies and figuring out which one is the right fit for you.

Comparison Chart


Corn Mazes America


Maize Quest

The Corn Maze Guy

The Maize

I am comfortable recommending these companies to you based on my personal interaction with the owners of the companies and their services and/or based on the numerous recommendations from those of you that have worked with them. All of these companies have been mentioned by our guests or featured on a show in our podcast series.

We have interviewed Hugh from Maize Quest and Scott from Corn Mazes America on our podcast. If you would like to get to know more about them and their company, be sure to listen in.

Interview with Hugh from Maize Quest:!episode-1/lw5g0 Interview with Scott from CMA:!episode-7/qtxg9 We hope to have the others on our podcast in the near future.

The benefits of having a strategic partner such as the partnership that one of these service companies would provide, will most times far outweigh the cost of their services. They will drastically shorten your learning curve and fill in the gaps that you and your team may not have the experience or expertise to address in an effective manner.

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