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Agritourism Ideas Classifieds-Selling Your Item 

In order to list your item accurately, we would like to deal with you directly. In order to do that, please email us at:

We will then work together to gather Pictures, Description, Item Costs, Shipping Costs and Shipping Details. We will also create an invoice using Square that will provide a simple way for you to pay for your listing. 

Listing costs are as follows. (Each listing will include up to 3 pictures, up to 200 word description and all contact information for the seller.)


60 Day Listing With List Price 1-$100 $10 per item. 

60 Day Listing With List Price $101-$1000  $25 per item.

60 Day Listing With List Price $1001-10,000 $50 per item. 

60 Day Listing With List Price over $10,000 will be on Percentage Basis

If item doesn't sell after 60 days you can renew for a reduced price for another 30 days.

If item lapses for more than 10 days it will require a full renewal.

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