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Plush Farm Animals with Your Logo

You may purchase animals by themselves, or animals with printed accessories such as T-Shirts or Bandannas that have your farm logo on them.  A great way to get your brand adopted as "part of the family" of your guests with kids.  Hugely popular with Field Trips.


There is a minimum order of at least 25 total animals.  You can choose any combination of different animals to reach the 25 animal minimum.  If you want to decorate the animals with either a bandanna, or t-shirt, you will need to order at least 100 t-shirts and/or 100 bandannas.  In this case,  you would need to order the same number of animals as decorated accessories, keeping note that if you only order t-shirts, you should select animals that are designated as "best decorated with T-shirts."  The same would be true if you order just bandanas, then you should select animals that are designated as "best decorated with bandanas."

We feel that decorating the animals will be to your advantage, because all who see them, may be the NEXT VISITORS to your farm.

We have other animals and accessories available, so if you would like more information about those, please select any animal and then click "MORE INFO" and let us know your desire.

For Pennsylvania customers that are tax exempt, please type your Tax Exempt number into the notes box at checkout and e-mail your tax exempt form to us at  We will remove the sales tax before processing your order.

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