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Items that work great for outdoor and agritourism based haunts

Animated Rocking Granny

Add a creepy animated rocking granny to your haunted site to bump up the level of spookiness! Kids will freak out when she starts talking (and maybe adults, too!) - it includes a soundtrack on a CD.


Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine

Sometimes adding some fog is all it takes to bring your haunted attraction to the next level of creepiness!  This compact, lightweight fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog. Ready to use right out of the box by including a wired remote control and free pint of water-based fog fluid.


Haunted Props - Coming Soon!

Haunted Animatronics - Coming Soon!

Haunted Costumes - Coming Soon!

Haunted Supplies - Coming Soon!

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fog machine
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