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Farm Market

Great resources to help make your market the best it can be!

Calico Cottage Fudge- Since 1964

With over 50 years of experience, we have helped thousands of retailers, including farm markets, achieve success with a unique, onsite fudge making program that generates high inventory turns, superior sales volume and significant profits. Fudge is a delicious treat with enormous visual appeal and a captivating aroma that is guaranteed to attract customers, boost sales with a product that is sold under your farm's name. We provide everything you need to make the world’s best fudge – from personalized, hands-on training to quality ingredients to seasonal recipes, packaging, signs and much more.

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Farm Fresh Activity Packets

Activity packets filled with coloring pages, recipes, word searches, and other farm-friendly fun.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Merchandise

Books, plush toys, DVDs, and other items based on the beloved children’s character, Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

Children's Books and Plush Toys from Evergreen Creations

Farm-friendly children's books and plush toys

Plush Toys with your Farm Logo!

Kids love these things!  Who wouldn't want an adorable farm animal wearing a t-shirt or bandanna (with your farm logo on it of course)?  A great way for your farm's brand to become "part of the family" for your guests with kids.  These may be proudly displayed in their room or or carried around with them as they go on their life adventures!

Quality Jams, Jellies & other farm products - Coming Soon!

Custom Printed Bags & Boxes - Coming Soon!

Recipe & Cookbooks - Coming Soon!

Price Marking Equipment & Labels - Coming Soon!

Baked Goods Supplier - Coming Soon!

Farm Themed Decor - Coming Soon!

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