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Episode 53:

Hugh McPherson, founder of Maize Quest

April 2, 2018

Cold River Mining

Today we have Hugh McPherson from Maize Quest on the show with us again. Hugh is one of the more sought after Agritourism speakers on the maze conference circuit. He runs a very successful venue of his own that includes many different facets of Agritourism; including a huge fall venue, a U-pick operation, a winery, CSA, and more! He recently spoke at NAFDMA on the topic of Social Advertising Decdoded. The response was overwhelming, so he has turned this into a course that is available to everyone. I am huge believer in the course material and strategies that Hugh presents, so I think you see why I am excited about this content. Take a listen to this interview with Hugh!

Today's Guest

Hugh McPherson


    Hugh McPherson

    Maize Quest:


    Social Advertising Decoded:

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