Episode 30: 

Ken Oakes from Oakes Farm

September 1, 2016

Oakes Farm

In this interview, we talk with Ken about many aspects of his operation. He tells us the way he keeps his pumpkin checkout lines short, a creative way to get your guests to give you their email addresses and more!


Today's Guest

Ken Oakes

WEBSITE:  www.oakesfarm.com

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Ken Oakes
Corryton, TN (north of Knoxville)

Paradise Garden Nurseryhttp://www.paradisegarden.com/shop/home.php


Maze Play – Maze cutting services and great maze games:  www.mazeplay.com

Maze Quest:  Punching Pumpkins Games  www.mazecatalog.com 


Video of how Punchin' Pumpkins works here:


High Quality Jumping Pillow:  www.jumpingpillowsusa.com

Punchin' Pumpkins Game