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A Course by Hugh McPherson of Maize Quest



The world of social media advertising is complicated and expensive. It is HARD to know what to do and when to do it!

From 2012-2017, Maize Quest invested THOUSANDS of advertising dollars, paid for online workshops and classes in an effort to decrypt the most effective plan for marketing agritourism through social media.

We realized along the way that business owners, like you, like us, DO NOT CONTROL ACCESS to our social media fans. Those fans are owned by Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter - NOT YOU.

That is NOT OK. You need to feel possessive about your hard-won fans. Those fans need to be on YOUR customer list.

We’ve condensed & simplified whole seasons of experiments, thousands of wasted dollars, and hours of classes into a system that focuses on moving your social media fans onto your customer list.

Free Preview - Friday 4/5 - 2pm ET - Register Here

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Q. How does this Social Advertising Decoded work?
You are signing up for, and committing yourself to, an 6-Module Online Course, PLUS Two Bonus Modules available anytime via Internet, or you may choose to join Hugh as he delivers the classes LIVE to your computer during one INTENSIVE Boot Camp Week April 9-14, 2018 - Set-up your WHOLE PROGRAM in SIX days! Each class takes about an hour, plus implementation time.

Q. What do I have to do?
As a fully committed participant, you will complete ONE homework assignment per module moving you step-by-step towards your completed social advertising system.

Q. What do I get?

* Module 1: Intro to Selling through Marketing Funnels
You are in the sales business. You create your marketing funnel by product line and price point. Bring clarity and focus to your sales process. Walk your potential customers through a specific, detailed sales process, so no more sales slip through the cracks.

* Module 2: Set-up for Success
Use our walk-through videos to set-up your software tools to market, collect and automate your newly defined sales process. Tracking results using ‘Pixels’ provides the feedback loop for you to keep the ‘winner’ ads and ditch the losers. With your tools in place, you are ready to begin the marketing cycle.

* Module 3: Capturing Customers from Social Media
It’s time to take back your customers. Use our system to capture your social media followers, ad viewers, and fans into your own, owned, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


* Module 4: Lead Ads. Decoded.
Set-up your Lead Ad capture program using our step-by-step system. Clicks and views mean NOTHING! Track the effectiveness of your advertising by the number of customers you collect.

* Module 5: Connecting your CMS
Once you successfully pull a customer into your database, what happens? You need to follow-up, follow-up, and follow-up again. You need to connect your advertising to your CRM, so leads automatically flow from the ads into your system with no extra steps.

* Module 6: Email Profit-Harvesting Robots
Most decisions to purchase happen after the FIFTH time you reach the potential customer.  Automatic follow-up is the ONLY way to ensure that your leads become customers. Set-up your automatic email follow-up campaigns to send specific information to specifically qualified leads. 

* Bonus Module 7: Facebook's Other Ad Options
Different goals need different ads. Event ads, Video ads, and Facebook LIVE videos each have different patterns for success. Learn to use each successfully for your particular sales goals.

* Bonus Module 8: Messenger Ads & Automation
Facebook Messenger now allows individual ads to be delivered to the lead inside of their Messenger feed. Learn how to use these specialized ads for specific products and ticket sales.  We DECODE,

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