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Corn Maze - Netting, Bridges, Games and More.

This page is an ever-expanding list of physical items that you will need to make your maze a great success. 

If you know of others that should be added to the list, let us know.

For a list of corn maze service & design companies see our "Helpful Links" page

Backpack Sprayer

Four-gallon commercial backpack sprayer with stainless steel wand - a must have if “cutting” your own maze


Maze Games - Coming Soon

Keep your guests having fun while lost.  Provide maze games to help them find their way.

Bridges & Bridge DIY Plans - Coming Soon

Bridges are a must have in every corn maze to make your maze harder to conquer. 

Water Misters - Coming Soon

Keep your guests cool on hot days by installing water misters. 

Corn Maze Netting Vendor - Coming Soon

Use Netting to define your pathways and keep your maze in great shape all season! 

Netting Unroller - Coming Soon

Netting is critical to keeping your maze in great shape until the end of your season but it can be quite the task to install.  An unroller that will save time, money, and wear & tear on your employees - coming soon. 

Safety Flags - Coming Soon

Some locations hand out tall flags to make finding lost guests easier.

Bulk Zip Ties - Coming Soon

If you use netting in your maze, you will need a LOT of zip ties.  Bulk zip tie vendor coming soon.

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