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Survey Results

What would best describe your current business or the business you are seeking to start? (In other words, what is your primary draw?) Is it your orchard, your store, your maze, your farm or something else?

Orchard (7)

Farm (8)

​Festival (3)

U-Pick (11)

Store (9)

Maze (13)

Pastured Meat

Agritainment (2)

Farmers Market (2)

​Wedding Events (2)

Christmas Tree Farm (3)

Escape Woods (2)

Pumpkin Patch (2)

Animals (2)

​Christmas Lights

Field Trips

Welcome Center

Food Distribution

​Citrus Gift Boxes

Gem Maze

​Agricultural Urban Pop-Up Experiences

What activities within your venue have been the most successful?

Fruit Picking-Peaches

U-Pick Apples (5)

U-Pick Strawberries

Pig Races (2)

Maze (10)

Easter Egg Hunt (2)

Wagon Rides (2)

Animals (3)

One on one with farmers

Field Trips (3)

Car Shows

​Christmas Lights

​Farm Tours (2)

​Escape games

Pumpkin Patch

​Gem Mine

Kids Adventure Race

What activities didn’t work and are no longer part of your venue?

U-Pick Blueberries, blackberries, scuppernongs, muscadines

Apple Cannon

General Admission

Haunted Trail (2)

​Parts of Festivals

Haunted House


Is there an agritourism activity or product that you would like to learn more about that you have heard about or seen in other venues?


Fruit Wine and Cider

Agritainment (5)​

Maze (2)

Obstacle Course (2)

Tree Top Acvtivities

Zip Lines

​Farm Themed Play

Local Laws and Zoning

Sunchoke Roots

Farm Tours for Beef Customers

Blueberry Uses




What was your attendance for the 2018 season?  (circle one) 0-5000   5K-15K   15K-25K    25K-50K   Over 50K


0-5000 (5)

5-15K (6)

15-25K (5)

25-50K (4)

Over 50 (6)

What would you say is your primary marketing tool for your business?

Social Media (22)

Printed Material (4)

​The Knot

Word of Mouth (3)

Website (2)

​SEO Google

​Hard Cider



Do you use social media to promote your business?        If yes, which one has been the best for promotional purposes?


Yes-Facebook (27)

Yes-Instagram (4)


Do you currently use sponsorships for your business?      If yes, what do they sponsor?

Yes (3)-Case Tractors,

No (7)


What was your most popular food item?


Fried Pie (4)

Apple Fritters (3)

Strawberry Ice Cream

Boiled Peanuts (2)


Blueberry Applesauce


Jellies (2)

Food Trucks


Ice Cream (5)



Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Kettle Corn


Cider doughnuts


Apple Honey

Apple Butter

If there was one area of your existing business in which you feel you could benefit from advice or assistance, what would that be? Or if you are just starting out, what area or areas are you most intimidated by?

School Field Trips

Customer Service (4)

Other Events/Family Activities

Marketing (3)

Labor Cost



Contracts and violations

Staff Training

Farm Tours

Chef Visits

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