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Your guests are hungry!  This page has resources to both common and unique concession resources.

Kettle corn is a great snack option to offer your hungry guests, and Kettle Corn Equipment is the world leader in the innovation and production of Kettle Corn Vending Equipment​.  From Coast To Coast, We Pop The Most!

Starting at $1,999

Kettle Corn Equipment is the world leader in the innovation and production of Lemon Shaker Vending Equipment​. They have an easy system to quickly make delicious, fresh-squeezed Lemon Shakers for your customers. Adding Lemon Shakers to your concessions can easily increase your Agritourism venue's profitability. Watch the video on how to make Lemon Shakers.

Starting at $799.99

Hot Dog Equipment

Hot dog equipment, including hot dog steamers, roller grills, broilers, and bun warmers; also hot dog carts, squeeze bottles, condiment stations, and kitchen tongs.

Nacho Chip Equipment

Nacho chip warmers of different capacities, cheese warmers and dispensers, as well as food warmers

Hot Beverage Dispensers

Coffee and hot chocolate dispensers, hot water dispensers, airpots and more

Cold Beverage Dispensers

Iced tea dispensers, refrigerated and chilled juice dispensers, commercial juicers, frozen drink machines, and more

Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton candy is one of those timeless, sugary treats that kids love.  Now you can make it fresh at your agritourism location.  Here are a variety of different cotton candy machines to pick from. 

$514 and up

Sno Cone Machines

A variety of sno cone machines, shaved ice machines, and ice crushers.

$34.95 and up

Countertop Pizza Ovens

A variety of space-saving countertop pizza ovens for compact pizza merchandising. The small versions of these ovens are perfect additions for your agritourism business, or choose the larger models for some serious pizza output!

$103 and up

Pizza Displays

A variety of multi-shelf pizza displays

$439.99 and up

Snack Ovens

These small pizza and snack ovens are compact enough to sit right on your countertop. Quickly bake pizza and snacks in a versatile commercial oven without busting your budget!

$89.95 and up

Popcorn Poppers & Equipment

Although popcorn may be synonymous with an evening at the movies or an afternoon at the fair, enjoying those little kernels just about anywhere can be a real treat. With a commercial popcorn machine, you can add a bit of fun to your agritourism venue.

$173.29 and up

Soup Warmers and Soup Kettles

When the weather's getting cooler and your guests want something to warm them up and fill their stomachs, soup is the answer! These electric soup warmers and kettles maintain the proper temperature to ensure proper food safety and a great taste, and the steel kettle creates a comfy display for your soup.

$95 and up

Pretzel Warmers

Pretzel warmer and display cabinets

$535 and up

Heat Lamps

Commercial-grade free-standing and mounted food heat lamps to keep foods hot for serving.

$84.95 and up

Food Warmers

Commercial soup warmers, chafing dishes, hot plates, nacho dispensers, cheese pumps, heat lamps and more. Food warmers maintain the proper food temperature to ensure food safety and keep menu items warm throughout the day. Restaurants, caterers, cafeterias and more should use food warmers to ensure that their menu items maintain a temperature above 140 degrees to meet food safety standards that prevent harmful bacteria.

Countertop Food Display Cases

Variety of display cases for the donuts and other goodies at your concession stand.

$209 and up

French Fry Cutters

Commercial french fry cutters make slicing potatoes into ready-to-cook, fresh, french fries a quick, easy, and affordable process.  Homemade french fries for your hungry guests!

$68 and up


An extensive line of fryers includes high quality products from Anets, Southbend, Pitco, Imperial, American Range, Frymaster, Uniworld, Adcraft, and more top manufacturers. Floor models, countertop, portable, or outdoor fryers.

$139 and up

Chopping and Dicing Equipment

Variety of slicers, cutters, dicers, and shredders

$89 and up

Gas Griddles

Gas griddles with manual and thermostatic controls

$494.50 and up

Electric Griddles

Variety of electric griddles, from countertop to free-standing

$345 and up


Variety of charbroilers are available, from floor models to countertop, radiant or lava rock.

Combination Griddles

Griddle surfaces with burners to the side

$1242.60 and up

Countertop Ranges

If your needs include space-saving design, efficiency, portability, or you only need a limited number of burners, countertop ranges can be advantageous. There are a "range" of options, from small portable models to full-sized, 8-burner, gas cooking machines.

Ice Dispensers

A variety of ice dispensers to help keep your guests' cold drinks cold!

$2340 and up

Candy Apple Supplies

Candy apples are a fun and easy way to put some spice into your agritourism concessions. Get creative with your toppings. Why stop with nuts? Try M&Ms, your favorite cereal, chocolate & sea salt, candy sprinkles, crushed Oreos, or whatever else you can make stick to that yummy dip.

$5.10 and up

Coffee Supplies and Equipment

Coffee equipment and supplies - coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders, percolators, airpots, decanters, frothing cups, mugs and more.

Catering Equipment and Supplies

From chafing dishes to mobile cooking equipment to food transporters

Condiment Dispensers

Condiment dispensers and racks, pitchers, squeeze bottles, salt and pepper shakers, creamers, dip style dispensers, pump style dispensers, and more

Lid & Cup Dispensers

Variety of racks and dispensers for cups and lids

$78 and up

Doughnut Machines - Coming Soon

Doughnut machines to make your guests favorite apple cider doughnuts!

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Soup Warmers
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