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Who we are


It is our pleasure to welcome you to our Agritourism site! Our goal is to

provide the best possible information and education for all phases of

the Agritourism business. Whether you are just starting out or have been

doing it for years, we hope that this site proves to be a valuable resource

for you and your business.


We are Jamie and Mike Stuenzi, brothers from a family of ten children. We

both currently reside in the state of Pennsylvania, but have lived in many

states over the course of our lives. Jamie and his wife Tammy have six

children. Mike and his wife Stacy have four children.


Why we do this


As brothers, we find that we share many of the same interests that revolve around the outdoors. When we discovered Agritourism we found that it is a natural fit for both our love of the outdoors and our entrepreneurial nature. We have been involved in the Agritourism business for many years in the Midwest as well as here in Pennsylvania. Like any business owners, we learned and developed, often through trial and error, as we grew.  And like any Agritourism business, we experienced both ups and downs. In the process, we discovered valuable tools that, when properly implemented, can bring you great success in the Agritourism industry.


What we can do for you


This website is a collection of insights, ideas, and wisdom that we’ve gained through our own experience along the way, combined with the experience and resources of other Agritourism experts from all over the world.  If you’re new to Agritourism, we offer a ton of advice, ideas, or simple encouragement to help you start and grow a successful business. If you’re experienced in the industry, we hope that you’ll benefit from new ideas you find here (or new twists on old ideas), and will feel free to share your own insights with our online community. Another purpose of the website is to provide objective reviews, and connect you with a wide range of products and information common to most Agritourism businesses. It is our hope to help you to be successful in your outdoor endeavors. We share your passion to introduce people to their roots and to provide an unforgettable country experience! banner
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